When my husband and I go out for dinner, there’s usually a bit of a tug of war between “vegan” and “mainstream”. With the former, I’m fully at ease with all the menu choices. With the latter, I’ve got a tonne of questions, some doubts, and a bit of poking around in my food to be sure I got what I ordered.

Enter The Lawless and the Vegan, a new-ish restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario that I had an opportunity to review recently. With my lovely mother in tow, we enjoyed a special lunch together and were both truly satisfied with our meals.

This type of restaurant represents a shift in thinking that’s becoming more and more common – local, sustainable, ethical, farm-to-table. It takes it one step further by offering at least half of the menu items that are fully vegan. This is a great opportunity for meat-eaters to try vegan dishes they may not otherwise have tried.

Food preferences / lifestyles typically vary amongst couples, within families, and amongst friends. It’s refreshing to have dining options that cater to this reality.

Check out my restaurant review here: 


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