Welcome to The Lawless Vegan! I’m Heather Lawless, a freelance writer and committed foodie living in the east end of Toronto. My blog explores and celebrates great food by focusing on recipes, restaurants and store-bought products. It also touches on natural beauty, fashion and giving back to the community. Veganism is way of living that’s rooted in kindness…towards animals, the planet and our own bodies. From the food we eat, to the stuff we put on our skin, to the clothes we wear, becoming vegan is a conscious choice to reject what many of us grew up believing was a necessary way of living.

A lifestyle change isn’t easy and so I encourage you to fit “vegan” into your life in a way that works for you…there are no rules from my perspective. I never judge anyone based on the food they eat or the choices they make. Whether you chose this style of eating one day a week, part-time, or fully commit to becoming vegan, you’re welcome here. And we’re pretty sure these recipes will make you at least consider welcoming a little vegan in your life (you really won’t miss the meat, dairy or eggs…pinky swear).

My story goes something like this: I was vegetarian for many years (and then back to eating meat for many years) before happily landing on a vegan lifestyle. This choice feels right for me. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t things I occasionally miss (CHEESE) but I feel it’s a small price to pay for the benefits this choice provides. It’s not all virtue and sunshine over here…I’ve been known to check off the supper box after a bag of Fritos (vegan!? yes guy…) and tequila (aka dream-flavoured water). But for the most part, I try to live a healthy lifestyle, by eating good food, exercising often, and not taking life too seriously.

My partner-in-crime – the original Lawless – is a brilliant musician, a great dad, and one of the kindest people I know. He does eat some meat but he’ll often call himself the “Accidental Vegan” because my food is just. that. good {smug smirk}. We’ve got two super cute offspring who can be talked into eating pretty much anything as long as dessert is on the negotiating table. At this point in their lives, our focus for them is on balance and helping them developing a love of healthy and delicious foods.

Most of the recipes on the blog offer tips at the end for days when you’re feeling a bit “lawless”. In other words, ways in which you can completely ignore the recipe and throw together whatever you’ve got on hand in a semi-logical way. This is helpful for when you’re not in the mood for rules or having anyone be the boss of you (read: me, always).

So for the vegans reading this, what’s up!? For those new to vegan food…you got this! I promise you that the food on this site will not only taste super good, it’ll make your gut feel awesome and maybe even help you live a bit longer (there I said it).

Now EAT!