PIZZA NACHOS (and “hiding” veggies)

So i asked my almost-6-year-old what she wanted for her Super Special Birthday Dinner. Her response: “Pizza Nachos!!!!”. Not quite sure what she meant (supporting details were not provided), so I took to Google to solve my problems. I sought out a nacho cheese sauce that was vegan, and wasn’t greasy, gross (i.e.chunky) or fatty….


Gwyneth Paltrow grows jalapeño peppers at her beach house. I buy mine at the supermarket. See how similar we are? One thing she does have on me is that she’s nailed the recipe for pickled jalapeños in her It’s All Good Cookbook. I make several batches of these each year and they never go to waste….


I’ve heard both sides of the coin when it comes to eating things that share similarities with meat – especially when it comes down to texture. My take on it is this: texture is texture! Why should meat be the only thing that gets to deliver a good chew? When I eat tofu, or veggie products…